Friendship and Brotherhood

As a member of the IFC community, you will have the opportunity to meet students of various backgrounds with both similar and different interests. Within each chapter, there is a close bond of friendship and brotherhood, which only the IFC atmosphere can foster. The ideal of brotherhood is the principal foundation upon which each fraternity is built and from which you will receive the greatest benefit.

As a fraternity member you will form friendships unlike any found in other organizations. No fraternity is made up of members who are exactly alike. By choosing to become a member of a fraternity, you will meet a diverse group of brothers who will grow to become your closest friends. From this unbreakable support system you can easily branch off into other areas of college life, knowing all the while that your brothers will be behind you no matter what. Your time spent in a fraternity will be some of the most memorable of your college career and the friendships that you develop will last a lifetime.


The academic portion of your university career is a significant determinant in your future success. A primary purpose of the fraternity community is to encourage and develop high scholastic achievement among its members. Several factors contribute to this academic atmosphere, including peer tutoring, upperclassman counseling, and chapter study hours which introduce new students to the longer and more intense studying that college requires.

Within each fraternity there are members involved in a wide variety of colleges and departments. This is quite an advantage in two ways: first, you will be able to seek help from others who may be taking or have already taken the same classes; second, there will be upperclassmen who can advise you on which classes and instructors are the best within each field of study.

Nationally speaking, just over 50% of students in colleges and universities go on to graduate. However, U.S. Department of Education data shows that members of fraternities and sororities graduate at a rate in excess of 70%! Fraternities help you meet the challenge of balancing academics while gaining the most from your collegiate experience.


In a fraternity, you’ll have the opportunity to be “in charge” of a duty or event. Everyone in a fraternity is a leader in some way. Whether you’re an officer, on a committee, or just a participant, you will learn by doing. You’ll learn how to manage a budget, run effective meetings, speak in public, motivate others – skills that will help you in the university and throughout your life. By being in a fraternity you will learn to harness your talents and motivational style to become an effective leader in your fraternity, on campus, and later on in the real world.

Social Activities

Offering a break from the demands of the classroom is one of the benefits of the Greek community. Throughout the year a fraternity will participate in many social events such as Homecoming, pre-game tailgates, Frontier Fiesta, dinner dances, mixers, backyard barbecues, and special formals. These events offer you a good time and a great opportunity to meet and interact with many different kinds of people. Fraternity social activities allow members to bring dates or are often held with another fraternity or sorority where you can meet many new faces. These social activities are not required, but for those of us who enjoy a good social gathering with great friends, there is no comparison anywhere to the variety, scope, and just plain fun of fraternity social events.

Community Service

The Greek community provides services to more than just members of fraternities and sororities. One of the many advantages of being a part of the Greek community is the time spent helping others in need.The commitment found in the members of fraternities and sororities can be seen in the enthusiasm they have in giving back to the community in the form of Community Service, known as Philanthropies.

Philanthropies are projects and events organized by groups or individuals to benefit the surrounding community. They can involve members from one fraternity or from all members of the Greek community. What is most important is that fraternities and sororities work side by side to help local or national charitable organizations. These Community Service activities provide us with a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction as well as recognition for our university.


Each fraternity participates in the numerous competitive sports through intramurals and Greek tournaments. It’s difficult to get a group of people on your own to play team intramural sports, or to get a softball game together on a Sunday afternoon. Fortunately, fraternities offer all of this along with the pride of sportsmanship, team spirit, and competition! Basically, if you have an athletic talent or just want to have some good old fashion fun with great friends, a fraternity is the right place for you!

Career Networking

Say you’ve graduated or are just looking for a summer internship. What is your next move? In today’s economy and job market, it’s going to take more than looking at want-ads and job postings. You need to build and maintain a network. A fraternity is one of the best places to do just that. By using the resources of a fraternity, you may find the dream job you’re looking for. For example, connecting with alumnae in a specific career field can help you jumpstart your career all because you joined a fraternity. Being in a fraternity will help you develop your communication, analytical, and professional skills all while helping you network and prepare for your future career. A fraternity is a sound investment in your future.