What is a Fraternity?

Essentially, a fraternity is an organization of men bound together by the principles of brotherhood, common aspirations, and shared values/morals. There are many types of fraternities on campus ranging from academic or service fraternities to social fraternities like the member chapters of the Interfraternity Council.

What is Rush?

The term “rush” is another word for “new member recruitment process”. Rush is a time for you to meet members of different fraternities and gain a scope of their chapter operations, service and social events, and leadership opportunities. Additionally, it is a time for the members of a fraternity to get to know you. Rush can be an exciting and confusing process, but if you do your research and ask plenty of questions it should be a knowledgeable experience. Going through rush will help you determine which fraternity best fits you. Rush typically happens during the beginning of the Fall and Spring semesters.

What is a Bid?
A bid is a formal invitation to join a fraternity. A bid is given to a rush after it is determined that he is the right fit for a fraternity. You may receive multiple bids from different fraternities, but you can only accept one bid. Each fraternity has its own unique way of presenting bids to prospective members. Accepting a bid will make you an associate member of a fraternity.

What is a Pledge? Pledgeship? Potential New Member?

A pledge is an associate member of a fraternity. A pledge must go through pledgeship in order to meet the requirements of becoming a brother- a term used to describe someone who has attained full membership within a fraternity. Pledgeship is a time of great learning and immense growth for an associate member. It is a time where the pledge will learn about fraternity’s history, values, and traditions, be taught about chapter operations, gain critical leadership skills, grow academically, and participate in various social and service activities.

How long is the pledge process?

The pledge process typically takes anywhere from a few weeks to the entire semester depending on the fraternity that you are a part of.

What is the IFC’s hazing policy?

The Interfraternity Council & its member organizations have a ZERO TOLERANCE for hazing of any kind. We believe that hazing only detracts from a person’s fraternity experience and fosters an environment of anger, confusion, and hatred. The IFC as well as its member organizations have a strict anti-hazing policy that is strongly enforced. We abide by ALL University of Houston hazing policies and will reprimand any organization within our jurisdiction that participates in these questionable activities.